One And Ten Thousand Lies

2022 | Mercury, Argon, Glass Tube, Transformer

One And Ten Thousand Lies comments on art, and it is a manifesto for my art. My work is about meticulous reinspection to the material; things that are integrated with perceptions and politics. I create illusions, imagined scenarios, or duplicate, accounted by their intentions and how much cares involved. However, the material lies just like any written language does. I lie by showing how much care I pay to the material, in the seeking of truth and essence. Now the most recent truth is I elaborately weave one and ten thousand more lies making up for one another.

I utilize neon light as a medium that speak to the truth by creating faked sensation and vicarious experience. Historically, neon light heavily attached to commercial advertisement because illuminated gas within glass tubes can convey messages of some relaxing, comfortable, daily but special encounters between merchants and consumers. As a result of both this history and our nostalgia, neon works today often provide the same level of comfortableness, and casual-but-specialness to the audiences, even without the commercial context. Neon becomes both humorous and serious, comfortable and alarming.